Where can I find my results?

Results can take a while to process, so please be patient.
They are normally available on the day of the run, but occasionally circumstances prevent the volunteer team from processing and posting them at the weekend. 

Check the event's news page and social media pages for updates on the status of the results. It can take up until the middle of the week to sort results out if there was a serious problem.

All runners are emailed their results whenever they run.
There can be a small delay between sending results emails and posting the times online. Please be patient, the results will be online soon.

If the email doesn't arrive please check your spam/junk folder and mark emails from parkrun as safe/trusted/not spam. We have particular problems with the large webmail providers (yahoo, hotmail etc).
If you collect your email using a mail program rather than a logging into a website (eg. outlook or maybe a phone client) spam may only be visible if you log into the webmail account.
You may need to log into your email's web interface to see the the spam folder. It may not be visible on a mail client (like outlook or a smartphone).

Every runner has a permanent results page which provides a complete history of all their runs. You can view this by accessing you profile and clicking on Results.

  • If you have set a password for your profile, you can sign into your profile via parkrun.com/signin.
  • If you have not set a password, you can set a password with the following instructions How do I set or reset my password?
  • The link to your account is also on every newsletter and results email that you have been sent. It was also on your registration confirmation email.

All results can also be found on the results page of each event's website, summary statistics can also be found on the main parkrun website.

If your time is incorrect, or you are listed as an unknown runner (and your barcode was scanned) then please contact your local parkrun volunteer team who will be able to help. Please see I am showing as an unknown athlete for more information.

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