Can children take part?

Yes, we love to see happy children taking part and they are welcome to join us at our inclusive parkrun events.

Children must be aged 4 and over to register and obtain their own barcode.

Please visit here to register. If you're registering for someone else, please check out our policy on registering others.

Please note that juniors must be able to complete the course themselves to have their barcode scanned. Being carried or pushed around in a buggy or pushchair doesn’t count, and bikes and scooters are not allowed at parkrun events.

Please note that all under 11s must be within arm's reach of a parent, guardian or other designated adult of the parents' choice at our 5k events. This is an insurance requirement and local event teams have the authority to remove the results of juniors who persistently flout this non-negotiable rule.

Running whilst carrying a child of any age (whether in a front or back baby carrier/harness, in your arms, on your shoulders or piggyback) is not permitted during parkrun events, as it poses a substantial safety risk. Walking whilst carrying a baby or child is permitted as long as their safety and welfare is not compromised.

Can I run with a pushchair or buggy?

Yes, buggies are allowed at our 5K events, subject to course conditions.

However in some locations this may not be possible, please check the course page of the local event website, or contact the team on their email address which can be found at the bottom of the event's website.

Please take care of other runners around you. If possible start from the back of the field and try to keep to one side of the main body of runners.

We should also make clear that only those people who complete the course under their own steam will get a finish position. Those who are too young to run will have to wait until they are old enough to run it.

It is not permitted to run with a pushchair and a dog at the same time.

Can my child accompany me on their bicycle (bike, cycle) or scooter?

No, we believe that bicycles or scooters and runners do not mix. The risk of injury to runners and children are too high.


Please do join us with your juniors and don’t forget to bring their barcode which is their passport to parkrun events.

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