parkrun and Tribesports have collaborated to create technical tops we hope parkrunners will purchase in order to support parkrun. All profits from the sale of the range go directly to parkrun, so why not take a look at the parkrun performance collection.

Plastic barcodes and wristbands

In UK, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Sweden and the United States parkrun plastic barcodes and wristbands are available from
Choose your country in the top right hand corner.

In Australia and New Zealand the official parkrun plastic Key Tags and wristbands are provided by Bent Logic.
Please see to order.

In South Africa official parkrun wristbands are provided by TenBits.
Please see to order.

Please remember there is no obligation to buy a plastic tag or wristband - paper barcodes will always work just fine.
It is something many parkrunners have asked for so we were keen to offer something that provides something a bit more durable for those that want it.

Can I find buy a barcode for a friend if I don't know their parkrunner ID?

The athlete search function is on the results page of an event website. So pick any event, click 'Results', and select 'Search' at the bottom of the menu.

If there is more than one person with the same name you may need to click through to their results to check you have the right person.

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