How do I register for the junior events?

Registered parkrunners do not need to register separately for the junior events. Your barcode is your ‘passport to parkrun’ anywhere.

To register with us please head to and select your country. Then click register from the top right menu and fill in the form. Finally await your confirmation email containing your barcode, print it out and remember to bring it with you when you run.

All runners should register themselves, unless they are too young to do so, are unable to use a computer, or do not have access to one. If you're registering for someone else, do remember to check out our policy on registering others.

Please do not

  • register twice.
  • register under a pseudonym.
  • register separately when running with a buggy or pushchair.
  • register your dog or any other animal, only humans can register. We will remove these results and delete the account.

Please don't get in touch with us to register, you need to register using the online form.

How old do you need to be to register?

Children must be aged 4 and over to register and obtain their own barcode. In order to record a time they must complete the course entirely on their own two feet.

Why do you need the information you ask for?

Most of the information we ask for is used to identify you at our events and allocate your correct result. We do not ask for information we do not need.

We ask for all first names and surname to identify you; gender and date of birth so that we can calculate age group and category records. We ask about membership of running clubs so that we can collate club results for each running club.
We ask for an email address from everybody so that we can send you your result, and send you our weekly newsletter (which you can choose to opt out of).
We ask for your home run and postcode so we can send you area specific event updates.

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