What are junior parkruns?

junior parkrun is a series of 2k runs for children held in areas of open space around the UK.

They are open to all, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. The courses are marshalled so that juniors will be in sight of at least one marshal at all times.

Please see our event map and zoom in on the area of the country you are interested in.

How old do we need to be to take part in a junior parkrun?

Children should be aged 4 and over to take part and can register a junior parkrun performance until the day before their 15th birthday.

If you are not a junior please come along to one of our weekly Saturday events instead.

How fast do we need to go?

parkrun is a running, jogging and/or walking event. No matter how fast or slow you are we are just delighted to see you taking part.

Whilst more competitive children can use junior parkruns to test themselves against their own time, and against others, participation should ultimately be for fun, and we urge all parents/guardians/volunteers not to put children under undue pressure to perform.

Equally we don’t mind if you drop out. You can always come back and try again another day.

Can we take part in more than one junior parkrun each week?

In some areas start times differ making it physically possible to do so but we’d rather you didn’t and our policy is to remove the second result to discourage this. Why not hang around afterwards and make some new parkrun friends instead.

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