Why don't you use SSL?

Actually, we do for the important stuff (ie. your data). It's just that not enough of the website does for the padlock to appear at the top in most browsers.

For the technically minded, the forms that handle registration are served via iframes to a site that does use SSL. If you inspect (right click, inspect element) the registration web page, you'll see we use an iframe to https://service.parkrun... etc.

We hope to make this far more consistent and fully SSL'd in the coming months as we roll-out a different registration and profile system.

Our profile pages for existing users are fully SSL'd, and you should see a padlock in your browser on all of these pages.

Can I publicise my event on your website?

Many events maintain a calendar of local running events - further information can be found on the events links page. You can find this link in the 'more' dropdown section on your parkrun's local site.

To see if they can add your club, please contact the event team directly using the email address on their website. Please do not get in touch with parkrun HQ as we won't be able to help you.

Can I advertise on your website?

If you operate a local business or running event that would be of specific interest to our local communities of runners, many of our events maintain a free list of local links. Further information, about this is on the event links pages.

You can email your local event team (their email address can be found at the bottom of their event's website) and ask them if they will add your local link to this list.

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