What do I do on the day of the run?

Once you have registered and printed out your own personal barcode, you just need to turn up ready to run at whichever event you want whenever you want - we take care of the rest.

When you join us for a volunteer stint, walk, jog or run please wear something comfortable. There are no hard and fast rules but please bear in mind that this is a family-friendly event.

There are no numbers to wear, no safety pins, no fuss, no bother. All you'll need is your printed barcode.

At the start line

Make your way to the start area and be ready to run at your event's specified start time.

The run director will usually make important safety announcements before the start; please listen carefully to these as they may change from week to week.

Please think carefully about where you will start from; if you are likely to complete the run quicker than 19 minutes make sure you're at the front. If you're likely to take longer than 30 minutes please start further back - this is for everybody's safety.

On the Run Director's start instruction we will start the stopwatch - please take care of other runners, particularly our younger ones and enjoy your run.

For information on your local parkrun, including details of where to find the start line, visit the course page on the event's website.

You can start the event late if you are happy to have a slower than normal time allocated to you. Sorry we do not correct times for late starters.

At the finish line

Your time will be recorded as you cross the line.
Please do not ask the timer for your time - it's a difficult job - you'll find out your time soon enough.

As you head into the finish area you will be handed a position token.

The finish area is different at each of our events - some have taped funnels, others are 'imaginary' funnels marked with cones.
Please do not leave the funnel until you have been given a finish position token (it really messes up our results and takes an age to sort out); if you don't want your result recorded, please do not go near the finish line.
We also ask all runners to cross the finish line just the once and to do so alone (please do not cross the line with non-runners).

Once you've been given your finish position token, take it to one of our volunteer Scanners and present your personal barcode and finish token. Do not walk off until your result has been recorded.
Remember, if you didn't bring a printed barcode, you won't get a result.

You may find that there is a queue after the run while everybody waits to get their result recorded.
This is a great opportunity to chat with your fellow parkrunners.

Finally please leave the finish position token behind - they are not souvenirs and are expensive to replace, but do remember to take your personal barcode with you and save it for the next week.
If you do take one home please let the event director know as soon as possible and make arrangements with them to return it. The event email address can be found at the bottom of the event's website or in your results email.

What should I do if I don't finish my run?

If you are in need of assistance, please ask your fellow runners, marshals or event organisers for help.
If you don't complete the whole course you don't need to do anything, but we would ask that you do not cross the finish line or have your barcode scanned as that will confuse the results.

Your result

When the event has finished the event team will process the results and soon after you will receive an email with details of your run.

If you do not receive an email after your run please see I had my barcode scanned, but I'm shown as unknown athlete

Don't forget to bring your printed personal barcode. That's it; no number to wear, no safety pins. No fuss, no bother.

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