Can I take part?


Anybody and everybody, of all ages and running abilities take part in our runs, as a runner, jogger, or walker.
We love to see Olympians at our events (and we've had a few), but we are most proud of those runners whose first steps in running were at one of our events.

To register with us please head to and select your country. Then click register from the top right menu and fill in the form.
Finally await your confirmation email containing your barcode, print it out and remember to bring it with you when you run.

Once you are registered you can run at any of our worldwide events without having to re-register.

Can you give me health advice? Am I fit enough to run?

Sorry, we are not qualified to answer this sort of question.

However, we would recommend that all our runners follow the health advice on the Runners' Medical Resources Website.
This website is maintained and supported by some of the biggest running and triathlon events in the country including Virgin London Marathon, Bupa Great North Run, Experian Robin Hood Marathon, Bath Half Marathon, Asics Reading Half Marathon, ASICS Breakfast Run, Reebok Bristol Half Marathon, Edinburgh Marathon and The London Triathlon.

Do I have to complete the run?

If you don't feel you can do the full course, you are still very welcome to join us, but please do not cross the finish line or have your barcode scanned.

Can I run with my headphones and listen to music?

We would rather you didn't - it makes it difficult for our marshals to communicate with you.
Our events have a special community feel, which you cut yourself off from when wearing headphones.

We appreciate that some runners do feel naked without their music so they are not banned outright.

We do ask that as a courtesy to the volunteers, you remove headphones from your ears during the safety briefing before the start, and on approaching the finish area.
Finally please keep the volume at a suitable level to be able to hear any marshals instructions out on the course too.

Please remember you can run, jog or walk the course.

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