My barcode doesn't work

Make sure you print your barcode on good quality paper and on a normal printer quality - not on a 'quick print' or other setting where the quality is reduced.

If your barcode stops working you will need to reprint it.
As the paper they are printed on becomes worn and crumpled our scanners will have difficulty reading them. If this happens, please print off a new set of barcodes and discard your old ones. You can find out how to access your barcode here.

Because our scanners are small, handheld devices that are unable to penetrate screens we can not scan from smart phones or tablets.

We only scan paper barcodes, the plastic tabs supplied in the UK and Australia, and the wristbands in the UK and South Africa. For more information on how to obtain these please see this article.

My barcode is very small. Is this normal?

No, the box that contains your barcode and name should be about the size of a credit card.

If this is not the case please check that your browser is up to date and that links are not blocked by your mail client. If this does not work please ensure that all add blocking and pop up blockers are disabled. If this does not work then please try a different internet browser.

Can I bring my barcode on my smartphone or watch instead of printing it?

I'm afraid not. We currently only allow our teams to accept printed barcodes. Essentially this means paper barcodes, plastic barcodes or our official wristbands.

Please see Can I bring my barcode on my smartphone or watch instead of printing it? for the main reasons we’re not accepting digital barcodes right now.

You are more than welcome to run without a barcode at any of our events, however you won't receive a time.

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