Results texting

Results texting is a free service offered in certain countries. We send you a text containing your results.

To activate this service, sign into your profile

  • If you have set a password for your profile, you can sign into your profile via
  • If you have not set a password, you can set a password with the following instructions How do I set or reset my password?
  • The link to your barcode is also on every newsletter and results email that you have been sent. It was also on your registration confirmation email.

If you're not sure what email address you registered under, follow the steps in this article.

Once in Your Links page click on texting. If you cannot see this option then results texting is sadly not yet available in your country.

  • Please enter your mobile number in the space provided. Ensure that the number is entered correctly.
  • Once you have entered your number you will be sent a confirmation code.
  • Please enter this into the confirmation code box (located in the same place that you entered your phone number). Please note that this confirmation code is NOT your barcode number (also known as your athlete ID).
    It can take a few hours for your code to come through.
    It is OK to close the set up page and return to it later to enter your code.

If you need to have your confirmation code reset please get in touch. Please remember to provide your athlete ID.

To update your number for result texts

  • Head to your my links page and click on texting.
  • Click reset and follow the onscreen instructions.
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