I can't remember my password

Please visit parkrun.com/resetpassword and enter the email address associated with your parkrun profile.

We’ll send you an email with a link that will allow you to reset your password (please note that we send an email to every parkrunner that shares the same email address. See below for more information):

  1. Click the link in the email
  2. Enter your desired password and confirm it by typing it in again
  3. Click the ‘reset’ button

If the password and confirmation of password match, we’ll update the password associated with your profile

I’ve requested to reset my password but it’s expired, what do I do?

We have set an expiry time of 24 hours for the reset password links. If you click the link more than 24 hours after we send it to you, it will no longer work. Simply visit parkrun.com/resetpassword again and request a new reset password email.

I’ve tried to reset my password but have not received the email?

If you have provided your email address via the form at parkrun.com/resetpassword but have not received an email with information on how to reset your password, please check your spam folders.
Note you may need to log into your email's web interface to do this, ie. the spam folder may not be visible on a mail client (like outlook or a smartphone).

Also, please check that you’ve provided a valid email address and it’s the one that’s associated with your parkrun profile.

Having checked these things, if you still aren’t able to locate the email, please try again or contact us.

I've used the reset password feature several times but it keeps giving me an error. What should I do?

Every time you request a reset password, we'll send you a unique link for each parkrunner via email. Each link is uniquely associated with a parkrunner profile. If you request to reset password several times, you'll receive several emails all with unique links for each parkrunner that shares the same email address. Only the most recent link per parkrunner will allow you to reset your password though.

Why do you email every parkrunner associated with my email address?

We allow several parkrunners to be associated with the same email address. These are often family members. As the password reset feature requests an email address, it’s simpler for us to send a reset password email to all parkrunners using that email address.

If I’ve requested a reset password and my family receive the emails, will their passwords also be reset?

No, we only reset passwords when you click the link and then complete enter the password (and confirm it) on the reset password form. If you have family members that don’t want to update their passwords, you or they can simply ignore the emails.

What is a strong password?

A strong password is one that has several characters consisting of a combination of numbers, letters and symbols (with at least one number and one symbol). We recommend that you use a strong password. We also recommend that to save having to remember complicated passwords that you use a password manager. There are many available including:

I’m a WebFMS user, will my password allow me to sign into WebFMS?

Yes, your password will allow you to access your parkrun profile and, if you’re a WebFMS user, that too. We do require that all WebFMS users use strong passwords.

If you are a WebFMS user whose password isn't strong enough, we'll automatically send you a reset password email.

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