I haven't received my registration email

There are several reasons for why you may not have received email from us, whether registration, results or other messages.

We would suggest you try the following: 

  • Check your spam/junk and trash folders and mark emails from parkrun as safe/trusted/not spam. We have particular problems with the large webmail providers (yahoo, hotmail etc).

  • If you collect your email using a mail program rather than a logging into a website (eg. outlook or maybe a phone client) spam may only be visible if you log into the webmail account. You may need to log into your email's web interface to see the the spam folder. It may not be visible on a mail client (like outlook or a smartphone).

  • It can sometimes take time for the email to come through. Please be patient. If after 24 hours you have not received your email you may have entered the wrong email address. Please get in touch.
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