Where do you run?

Our 5k events take place all over the world, every Saturday morning. We are currently active in the UK, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, France, Italy, Singapore and the United States.

For a complete list of locations, click here.
Select your country, click on events and zoom in on the area you are interested in.

Our junior 2k events take place all over the UK, every Sunday morning.
For a complete list of locations, click here and zoom in on the area you are interested in.

Note that if the event map does not load please check that your internet browser is up to date and if that does not work try a different browser.
Also the map does not work with Microsoft Edge.

What sort of courses are they?

Our courses are varied.
Some are single lap courses, others multi-laps. They are generally not too hilly, but some have a few bumps. We stay away from roads (and cars), but all are on reasonable surfaces.

As far as venues are concerned, they range from urban parks, country parks and seaside promenades to nature reserves, woodland and open fields.

Are there course direction signs?

Some events do, some don't.
We advise all runners to study the course guides on the event's web site, listen to announcements before the start about the course, watch where the regulars run, and follow the guidance of any marshals on the route.
It is our aim that all courses are as simple as possible.

Do parkrun have priority access to the parks / right of way?

We do not have right of way in the parks we run in. Please respect other users of the park, and when necessary give way - even if it means missing out on that PB for another week.

A good parkrunner is gracious and polite to even the most offensive and inconsiderate fellow park user; our event organisers all have lives outside of parkrun, and would prefer not to spend more time than they already give, placating irate members of the public.

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