When do you run?

Our 5k series runs every Saturday morning.

The start time does vary depending on location. Events nearer the equator may need to start earlier to avoid unfavourable heat, whilst events far north may need to start later to avoid running in the dark.

Find your local event here: parkrun.com/events to check the start time.

The parkrun junior series of events which are for children aged 4 - 14 take place on a Sunday in the UK.
For a complete list of junior locations, click here.

We run in most weather, but we will cancel an event if we feel it would be unsafe (for example, because of ice or very strong winds).

An event could also be cancelled if there is another event taking place at the course. Please see the upcoming cancellation list.

If you don't see a cancellation notice then please assume that the event is running. However, do check the event website before setting off for your run if you think there is a strong risk of cancellation. We try to give advance notice of cancellation via the event's website and social media pages (where applicable), but sometimes this might not be possible.

Why do the 5k events only run on a Saturday morning?

Primarily because the volunteers who run the events would like to get on with their weekends; by starting at (or around) 9am, they can (with luck) have their results sorted by lunchtime.

We also know that many runners also appreciate the opportunity to start their weekend on a social active note before breakfast. Finally, we also want to avoid clashing with the many club events that happen on Saturday afternoons.

Can I complete 2 parkruns in a single day?

In certain parts of the world it may be possible to 'do the double' and complete 2 parkruns in a single day due to timezone differences and / or Council restrictions. Although we don't encourage this, we also don't have a system in place to stop it from happening.
Please note however that if you do 'do the double', your second run will be listed as an 'Unknown Runner' on the official results and it will not count towards the parkrun clubs.

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