Will I be photographed or filmed at your events? Will photos or film of me be uploaded to your website?

Many of our events have volunteer photographers videoing or photographing parkrunners, for the benefit of the runners.
These photographs or videos may be uploaded to our websites for non-commercial purposes.

Where can I find pictures from my run?

All the photographs on our event websites may be downloaded for personal use.
The copyright for the photographs remains with the photographers and you should get in touch with them (via the local event organisers) if you want to use the photographs for any other purpose.

To download a photo click on it until it opens in a new window then right click on the Download icon to the right of the image

Can you remove a photograph of me?

We're always happy to remove photographs on request. Please e-mail the local event organisers with the details of the photograph.
Their email address can be found at the bottom of their event website.

Do remember that parkuns take place in public parks / spaces, where we have no control over who is taking photos. Also, whilst events can remove photographs from their official Flickr groups and social media pages, we have no control over the online distribution of photographs.

Can I upload photographs to your website?

Our events are always happy to have photographers record the runs and we ask that you respect the parkrun photography and video policy.
If you wish to be recorded as a volunteer photographer please get in touch with the local event team, their email address can be found at the bottom of their event website.

To add the photo’s you have taken join the event’s flickr group.
Please see the flickr Tips page for more information about getting your photos into the event’s Flickr group.

If you're new to flickr, your photos will take a few days to appear, otherwise they should appear almost immediately.

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