How do I claim my club t-shirt?

There are currently several thousand parkrunners who are technically eligible to claim a milestone t-shirt (our existing backlog). We have started to email all those who are eligible, beginning with those who have been waiting longest, inviting them to claim their new milestone t-shirt.

We anticipate it will take us a few weeks to contact everyone currently waiting.

When your claim is ready we will ‘unlock’ your profile (creating a link in the ‘club progress’ tab) and we’ll email you inviting you to make your claim (if you are opted in to receive newsletters).

You will have eight weeks to complete your order. We’ll remind you along the way if you haven’t done so, and we’ll give you an option to tell us that you don’t want to claim.
After eight weeks have elapsed your claim will expire and the link in your profile will be removed.

To order the t-shirt please sign into your profile by visiting 

  • If you've not set a password to access your profile, you can create one via
  • Follow the link to 'manage my profile'. This link can be found in any of our newsletters and in any of your run results emails.
  • Follow the link to 'collect and print your barcode' in your registration confirmation email.

This will take you to the 'my links' page.

From here click on 'club progress'.

If your profile has been activated, you'll be sent to a product page where you’ll be able to select your size and check out.
Please note that the cost for the t-shirt will show on the order until you reach the checkout process. Postage and packaging applies.

If you are a South African athlete wishing to claim your club Tshirt please see the instructions above to reach the 'my links' page.

From here click on 'club progress' and select the size you are after.


Please remember that the 10 club t-shirt is only awarded to junior runners (aged 17 and under at the time of 10th run).
10 club shirts are not available in South Africa, New Zealand, Italy Canada, Singapore, Sweden and France.
Volunteer club shirts are not available in South Africa.
Please see club t-shirts


Common questions
(not applicable to South Africa orders)

Are these milestone t-shirts the same size as previous milestone t-shirts?
We’ve listened to feedback that previous milestone t-shirts came up short and had a tendency to ride up. Our new t-shirts are therefore longer in length for a more comfortable fit. Additionally, we had universal feedback that women’s milestone t-shirts were a larger fit. We have amended the design based on this feedback and they are now a better fit.
A size guide will be available on the product page.

Can I buy a (replacement) milestone t-shirt?
Not at the moment. We would love to be able to offer this in the future but right now we can only provide one milestone t-shirt for each eligible parkrunner.

Can I claim a running milestone (e.g. 50 or 100) and my volunteer milestone (v25) in the same order and save on postage?
We haven’t been able to find an appropriate solution for multiple claims. At this time each claim should be made on a different order.

Can I bundle all the claims for my family on one order and save on postage?
As above, we haven’t been able to find an appropriate solution for multiple claims. At this time each claim should be made on a different order.

What are the delivery charges?
Standard postage for each of our territories is currently as follows (please bear in mind this is subject to variations in exchange rates and outside our control):

UK - £3.95
Australia - £9.95
Canada - £9.95
Denmark - £9.50
Finland - £9.95
France - £5.70
Germany - £4.70
Ireland - £6.95
Italy - £5.70
New Zealand - £9.95
Norway - £9.95
Poland - £4.70
Russia - £11.95
Singapore - £11.95
Sweden - £9.95
US - £9.95


If you have any difficulties accessing your profile, please visit

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