How do I claim my club t-shirt?

If you have met the given criteria (either volunteered or run the required number of times), you might be able to claim a free milestone t-shirt.

To check you need to go to your parkrun profile. To do this either:

  • If you have set a password for your profile, you can sign into your profile via

    All Athlete ID's (barcode numbers) start with an 'A', the box is pre-filled with the 'A'. Simply type your number after the A.

    You can find your barcode number under your printed barcode

    Or in the URL on your results page (click on your name on the event results), for example

    Finally the athlete search function is on the results page of an event website. So pick any event, click Results, and select Search at the bottom of the menu.
    If there is more than one person with the same name you may need to click through to their results to check you have the right person.

  • If you cannot find your barcode number, or do not know it, please use the reset link to get an email containing your barcode number. You do not need to use the reset link if you know your password.

  • If you have not set a password, you can set a password with the following instructions How do I set or reset my password?

  • The link to your account is also on every newsletter and results email that you have been sent. It was also on your registration confirmation email.

If you're not sure what email address you registered under, follow the steps in this article.

Once in your My Links click on club progress.

If your profile has been activated, you'll see a link that says 'click to claim your t-shirt’. Clicking this will take you through to our Wiggle store where you will be able to redeem the free t-shirt. Postage and packaging applies.

Please remember that the 10 club t-shirt is only awarded to junior runners (aged 17 and under at the time of 10th run).
10 club shirts are not available in South Africa, New Zealand, Italy Canada, Singapore, Sweden and France.
Volunteer club shirts are not available in South Africa.
Please see club t-shirts

If you are experiencing difficulties when trying to order your T-shirt through Wiggle, below are a few points to try.

You need to have a Wiggle account to place the order so if you already have one please log into the account, then open your parkrun profile in a different window/tab. Then click on the link to claim your T-shirt.
Please note that even though the page says the T-shirt costs £16, when it is added to the basket it becomes a £0.

If you don't have a Wiggle account yet please set one up first and then follow the instructions above.

If when you navigate to the T-shirt page it does not let you place an order, or add the item to your basket, close the window and open it in an Incognito/Private window or try another browser.

You cannot order multiple t-shirts in the same order. Each t-shirt has to be ordered separately.

Finally if these suggestions don't work please use the chat option on the Wiggle page to talk to their customer support team who should be able to help you place the order.


If you are a South African athlete wishing to claim your club Tshirt please see the instructions below

To order your club Tshirt please either: 

  • Please sign into your profile by visiting
    If you've not set a password to access your profile, you can create one via
  • Follow the link to 'manage my profile'. This link can be found in any of our newsletters and in any of your run results emails.
  • Follow the link to 'collect and print your barcode' in your registration confirmation email.

This will take you to the 'my links' page.

From here click on 'club progress' and select the size you are after.

If you have any difficulties accessing your profile, please visit

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