Anti-Bullying Policy

All children and young people are entitled to participate in, and enjoy, parkrun, in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Bullying is the one fear which children and young people raise more than any other when asked for their views about safety. parkrun therefore asks everyone to recognise that its Anti-Bullying Policy should be taken seriously.

Many incidents of bullying, even serious ones, are not actually crimes, and therefore not usually a matter for the police. There are some types of bullying that are now illegal though, and should be reported to the police. These include:

  • Harassment and intimidation over a period of time including calling someone names or threatening them, making abusive phone calls, and sending abusive emails or texts.
  • Anything involving hate crimes

Further information about bullying and the law can be found here. It’s also worth remembering that each of the UK nations has its own anti-bullying legislation, policy and guidance. Further detail can be found here.

What do I do if I witness bullying, or am told it has taken/ is taking place at my event?

  • Always take it seriously, regardless of who is reporting it and how improbable it sounds to you
  • Listen without judgement to everything you are being told
  • Reassure that parkrun will take it seriously, and that no action will be taken without first consulting with all parties involved
  • Never promise to keep something secret, but do reassure that only those who need to know will be involved
  • Report it, either via the incident reporting mechanism, or directly to the parkrun UK Safeguarding Lead ([email protected]), at the earliest opportunity (no more than a week after learning about it)
  • Do not impose sanctions yourself without first contacting parkrun HQ

Please see the full Anti-Bullying Policy document attached below.

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